Find me the closest gas station to my location

Majority of the audiences uses it in their daily life. And many of us just can’t afford not to have something like Google maps that let me find any particular location.

I have managed to shared 9 apps that I prefer to find nearest gas station to my location.

These 9 apps are mobiles apps comes for both Android and Apple iOS, and help you not only find location but also save money or find chepest gas station near to you and much more.

So, the below shared apps have huge features that you can enjoy and find closest gas station near me, as well as other location like restraunt, bars etc.

Table of Contents

  1. GasBuddy : Apps To My Nearest Gas Station To My Location
  2. DriverDash : App To Find Near Me Gas Station
  3. GetUpside : Apps To Find Gas Near My Location
  4. Waze : Apps To Find Nearest Gas Station To My Current Location
  5. Geico Mobile App : App To Find Gas Stations Open Near Me
  6. Drivvo : App To Find Nearest Gas Station To My Location
  7. Around Me : App To Find Gas Station Near Me
  8. Gas Guru : App To Closest Gas Station From Me
  9. Finding Nearest Gas Station To My Location Using Google

GasBuddy : Apps To My Nearest Gas Station To My Location

Nearest Gas Station To My Location

GasBuddy is the top fuel-savings platform offering drivers in North America the greatest opportunities to reduce their gas costs.

By providing its users with real-time gas price information at more than 150,000 stations, offering cash back rewards on purchases made with brand partners, and through the Pay with GasBuddyTM payment card, which offers cents-off per gallon at virtually all gas stations in the US, GasBuddy has collectively saved its users more than $3 billion.

GasBuddy has been downloaded about 100 million times and is one of the best-rated apps in App Store history.

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How Does GasBdoes Work?

Join the 90 million people who have already cut their fuel costs. Don’t pay full price at the pump ever again by getting the free GasBuddy card.

Discover how GasBuddy offers you more opportunities and locations than any other app to save money on petrol.

At the pump, Grab a free GasBuddy gasoline card, then use it to pay for gas.

You’ll save money on every gallon at every station. Anywhere you fill up, GasBuddy works at your favorite stations, including Shell, Chevron, Wawa, and Speedway.

Fill up and save. Link your bank quickly and securely.

How GasBuddy Let Me Find Nearest Gas Station To My Location ?

Pay At The Pump

Save money on every gallon at any station when you obtain the free GasBuddy fuel card. No looking for bargains. Simply link your bank account securely, swipe, and save up to 25 cents a gallon. In-app account management is available.

Find Gas

Utilize the gas map to find the greatest deals. Sort items based on cost, location, and the essentials like restrooms.

Track Driving Habits

Utilize wiser driving techniques to utilize less petrol.

Receive Gas Rewards

Earn free gas by using your regular purchases. Shop through the app to begin earning.

Report Gas Price

Inform your fellow drivers of the newest specials.

Log Your Fill-Ups

Keep a log of your gas consumption for tax and reimbursement purposes.

Stay Safe.

Be the first to learn about significant auto recalls.

Win Gas

To get points, complete the challenges in the app. To enter the daily prize drawing for a $100 gas card, use points.

Features Of GasBuddy

  • Locates gas stations using GPS

  • Includes amenities filtering

  • Contains gas price

  • Fuel economy evaluation depending on your driving style

GasBuddy On Android App

GasBuddy On Apple iOS App

DriverDash : App To Find Near Me Gas Station

Nearest gas station to my current location

The best app for discovering gas stations nearby, DriverDash can assist you in locating nearby gas stations, processing payments, and more.

The UI design of the app is really impressive. All age groups will find the app easy to use because of its smart design, which includes a straightforward user interface.

The pump may be chosen and turned on using the smartphone to begin filling with fuel.

With the added strength of mobile payment at the pump, it provides the same ease and control as your fleet card.

Why I should use DriverDash to find the nearest gas station to my location ?

  • It offers a quicker and simpler payment process.

  • You can enter odometer readings while relaxing in your car.

Features of DriverDash, Let You Find Closest Gas Station Around You

Here are the 4 features of DriveDash that I use to find the nearest gas station to my location –

  • Turn on pumps directly from the app.

  • Utilize DriverDash too quickly and simply pay for fuel.

  • Locate the closest gas stations

  • Utilize biometrics to activate the pump

DriverDash On Android Apps

DriverDash On Apple iOS

GetUpside : Apps To Find Gas Near My Location

closest gas station to my location

With the app Upside, formerly known as GetUpside, you can get cash back on purchases made at petrol stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

It analyses consumer purchasing patterns using customer data, such as debit and credit card purchase histories, to create customized promotions close to your location.

Through the app, these tailored promos are sent, influencing consumer behaviour and generating revenue for participating businesses.

How Does GetUpside Help Me Find Nearest Gas Station To My Location ?

Opening the GetUpside app will display participating businesses on a map.

For instance, you can examine local big-brand gas stations’ gas pricing and the cashback rates per gallon of gas. Additionally, each location’s cashback amount is shown.

To add the offer to your account after choosing a participating gas station, click the “claim” option. Remember that only gas purchases made with a credit or debit card will qualify for cash back.

Take a picture of your receipt when you’ve finished pumping gas. You’ll get a payout to your GetUpside account once your offer has been processed, which should take 24 to 48 hours.

GetUpside Benefits In Finding Closest Gas Station

  • Receive Cash Back on Food and Gas.

  • Gas savings of up to 25 per gallon.

  • Cash-out with a check, PayPal, or gift card.

  • There is no cap on how much you can make.

GetUpside Android Apps

GetUpside Apple iOs

Waze : Apps To Find Nearest Gas Station To My Current Location

gas stations near me now

One of the best navigational apps available as a substitute for Google Maps is Waze.

Amazing features of the gas app include support for podcast and music applications, parking locations, gas station locations, and more.

You may identify the best routes to your locations with this gas-finding software, which also provides information about checkpoints, traffic density, and other factors.

Features of Waze To Search Nearest Gas Station Near Me

  • With gas stations, parking, and more on an interactive GPS map

  • Discover the most efficient routes to your destinations.

  • Includes a function for carpooling to help you save time and money.

  • You can create reminders that are specific to your schedule.

Android Apps For Waze

Apple iOS Apps For Waze

Geico Mobile App : App To Find Gas Stations Open Near Me

closest gas station from me

You may get help from this gas station locator app with your GEICO auto insurance as well.

If your car breaks down, you can use the app to identify nearby gas stations and take advantage of your GEICO perks.

GEICO is the best choice for all claim-related services, including filing claims, monitoring claim status, and even having your vehicles towed.

Geico Mobile Features Help You Finding Chepest Gas Station Near Me

Digital ID Card

The time of searching through your wallet, outdated receipts, and expired gym memberships to locate your insurance ID cards is over. They are now always available on your phone. You can add them to your Apple Wallet or access them through the app.

Bill Pay

You are no longer required to slow down in order to pay or manage your bills. Paying on the move is a piece of cake, or slice of pie, or whatever dessert you want, thanks to the GEICO Mobile app.

Driverside Support

Nobody enjoys being trapped someplace in the center, whether it’s in the middle of nowhere or somewhere. Tap anywhere, at any time, to request a tow using the GEICO Mobile app.

Manage And Submit Your Claim

Let’s face it, claims aren’t enjoyable. A collision, fender bender, or windshield break can all be frightening. Because of this, GEICO Mobile makes managing and filing claims simple.

Your Virtual Assistant – Gabby

Ever wished you could ask questions about your policy, bills, and other things to a tiny person in your pocket? Us too. So feel free to ask GEICO’s virtual assistant, Gabby.

Volvo Care

Vehicles also require sensitive loving care. We make it so simple to get your car serviced, learn about recall warnings, and even receive maintenance reminders because of this. It’s akin to giving your car a hug.

Explore By Geico – Augmented Reality

With GEICO Explore, you may personalize the kinds of places you wish to visit and enhance your surroundings like a cutting-edge robot. Locate petrol stations or even use your own vehicle!


Your GEICO policy needs to: in order for you to access your account from GEICO Mobile.

  • Have an active motorcycle or automobile policy.
  • Not be subject to any additional policy limitations

Visit Official Website

Drivvo : App To Find Nearest Gas Station To My Location

The ideal gas tracker app, Drivvo, was created to reduce the cost and complexity of driving.

You can find the closest gas stations with fuel prices displayed on the map using the car management app.

You can discover the greatest alternatives to help you save money on each refill. This app also has a tonne of other gas-location tools at your disposal.

For instance, you may set reminders for things like oil changes and tune-ups, and you can keep track of your taxes and other expenses.

Drivvo Best Features To Find Close Gas Station

  • Utilize the map to locate the best gas station.

  • Learn about gas prices quickly

  • Keep an eye on your spending.

  • Back up and protect your data connected to cars.

Android Apps For Drivvo

Apple iOS For Drivvo

Around Me : App To Find Gas Station Near Me

closest gas station to my current location

You may quickly learn about your surroundings using AroundMe.

You can choose the closest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, theatre, movie theatre, restaurant, supermarket, and taxi using AroundMe, which locates your location instantly.

AroundMe provides you with a comprehensive list of every company in the category you have selected, together with their location in relation to you.

This best gas station location app, as its name suggests, maybe the most helpful resource you find in this section.

The app has sections for various services like pubs, restaurants, and gas stations, among others. On the map, you can select your favorite category and see places close by.

Feature of Around Me

  • Use is free

  • Includes places organized by category

  • Discover the locations, phone numbers, and further details about venues.

Android App For Around Me

Apple iOS App For Around Me

Gas Guru : App To Closest Gas Station From Me

The closest gas station from me

This one of the top gas station locator applications for iOS and Android to find the closest gas station near you was created to assist you in finding gas stations while also alerting you about gas costs in various areas.

Additionally, you may use this gas station nearby app’s filter to select the ideal location using GPS if you require any other facilities with gas stations.

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Features Of Gas Guru

  • Comparison charts for gas prices

  • Gas station locations are indicated on maps.

  • Incorporates cash savings for qualified gas outlets

  • Preferred gas stations for later

Finding Nearest Gas Station To My Location Using Google

gas stations near my current location

In case you are not interested in downloading or using apps then you can visit google and find the nearest gas station to any location.

To start searching for a gas station near me – click on the search button at the top of left side and then enter the location.

The map in the picture shown above, will appear and show the nearest location to find the closest gas station

How do I find the nearest gas station on Google Maps?

While you're navigating, tap the Magnifying Glass icon on the right side of the Google Maps interface. This brings up the Search along route screen. You can type a specific place into the box at the top if you're looking for a particular gas station. Otherwise, tap the Gas stations icon.

How to pump petrol in Singapore?

Insert and remove your Esso Smiles card as instructed. Then insert or tap your credit card at the payment terminal. Press "NEXT" and insert your credit card. Tap your Speedpass on the contactless reader to activate the pump and wait for the approval message on the pump display.

How many Caltex stations are there in Singapore?

You can choose from 25 Caltex petrol stations in Singapore, including one service station within Tampines (1 Tampines Ave 8).

Is Exxon good gas?

Exxon and Mobil Synergy™ gasoline contains significantly higher quantities of detergents than required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has passed key performance tests resulting in it being certified. Fuel is recommended by many automakers in their vehicles' owner manuals.